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Parish Commissions 


There are six Commissions: Worship, Christian Education, Christian Service, Parish Life, Stewardship, Planning and Development.


Commissions’ Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and working with all sub-ministries in your Commissions

  • Working with them to create a Mission Statement of each Ministry

  • Establish 5 year Goals and plans for your commissions (and also for each ministry)

  • Working with Stewardship Commission to seek support, personnel, and resources.




“The overall purpose of the worship committee is to plan and provide for the spiritual development of each member of the parish through liturgical celebrations, significant experiences, and spiritual growth programs.” (Diocese of Nashville)



  • Study the needs of the community and prepare for the liturgical celebration on Sundays, and major feasts and seasons.

  • Coordinate and provide formation for all liturgical ministers: lectors, ministers of the eucharist, ushers, music ministers, altar servers, sacristans, and those who provide the liturgical environment.

  • Coordinate with other commisions, in developing guidelines for sacramental rites.



“To provide all its members with religious learning opportunities aimed at forstering a personal faith and expressing that faith through service” (The Diocese of Harrisburg)



  • Develop a long-range plan for the lifelong religious formation/education of all parishioners, including young adults and families.

  • Monitor and evaluate all school and educational programs.

  • Provide for the selection, training, spiritual development, and evaluation of all catechists and coordinators in the religious education program.

  • Assist with recruiting of catechists and teachers.



Strive to “involve the parish in projects for world hunger, housing, racial discrimination, migrant workers, women’s rights, prison reform respect life issues, or legislation on social justice”




  • Identify resources to meet the human needs of all people in the parish community.

  • Provide for the visitation of the poor, the sick, lonely, and shut-ins.

  • Coordinate Parish organizations, groups to help in charible works.

  • Evaduate the request of needs and make suggestion.



​Missions: To keep this sacred place a house of holiness, love, peace and safe.



  • To periodically inspect all parish properties and review and recommend additions or repairs according to the priorities established by the Archdiocese or Commission; to plan for future requirements.

  • To prepare guidelines concerning use of parish facilities, lightning, security, heat.

  • To develop teams of parishioners, skilled and unskilled, who will donate time and talents for parish mantenance tasks.

  • To promote economical preventive maintenance practices concerning parish grounds and facilities.

  • To study parish needs for heat, lighting, and air conditioning with the aim of conserving energy.

  • To inspect the facilities annually for fire, safety, and security hazards.Schedule Parish workday.

  • To recommend to the parish council necessary maintenance, personnel, and services for the parish properties.

  • To keep abreast, with careful and continuous research, of the long-range needs of the parish community and the factors affecting the faith growth of its members.

  • To assess the present and future use of all parish facilities.



​To enable the parish to become an evangelizing community. To be concerned with building community among all parish members.




  • To develop welcoming and home visiting program to reach out to newcomers, the alienated and inactive, and the unchurched, and to train evangelizers with approaches to such groups.

  • To sponsor social activities for parish fellowship.

  • To publish parish communications (weekly bulletins, websites)



Missions: To bring the concept of stewardship to life in the parish. 


  • Promote awaress of stewardship in the parish.

  • Support and implement the work of other commissions.

  • Make annual Parish calendar and activities Coordinate.

  • Help Finance Council run financial campaign.

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