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Planning & Developing Commission




Keith Rohling   Chairman

All properties need to be maintained on a regular basis and having a maintenance schedule helps to ensure routine maintenance is done consistently.


Maintenance is work done on a routine basis to protect users of a building and to assure a long life for the building. Its goal is a minimum of unexpected repairs for buildings, grounds, and equipment. A wisely implemented preventative maintenance program, designed to correct each problem as it occurs, is more cost effective than waiting until the problem reaches a magnitude where special contracts and large expenditures are required to correct it.


Like most churches we at St. Peter the Rock Parish have some sort of outdoor landscaping so having a plan to groom the exterior by cutting grass, trimming bushes and cleaning out flower beds is an important part of keeping a campus sculpted and appealing.


Volunteers may be available to help with a lot of the projects that need to be done on the outside of a building.  


We will plant flowers in the spring and volunteer workdays to trim bushes and clean out flowerbeds, and clean inside the church, classrooms, and offices.


Keeping church buildings neat, orderly and maintained is one way to show excellence in the church.  


For further information, please contact the Parish Office at 706.648.2599.

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